We offer tanks for the transportation and distribution of drinking water that are used in case of failure of water supply network and that are served as water supply points.

Tanks has got the Certificate of Health Quality.


Tank Description

WSK”PZL-Krosno”S.A. offers tanks for the transportation of water with some versions:

-tanks mounted on trucks

-tanks mounted on trailor’s chassis and agricultural tractor

-tanks with  hook version

-Independent tanks on the frame

Capacity from 500 to 25000 l
The section of tank can be elliptical,round or suitcase type, in version insulated or not-insulated.

The tank is made of stainless steel (quantity of chambers and their capacity to agree with Customers).

Outer surfaces are made with round-spotted or polished surface ( „mirror reflection” ) technology (according to needs of customers).
The top manhole ø 500  with cover and air eliminator