Milk cooling tanks, type closed with automatic cleaning are manufactured in versions 2 and 4 milking of capacity  2100, 2600, 3200, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 10 000 litrów

For wishes of Customers WSK makes milk cooling tanks of capacity by 30 000 l in version vertical or horizontal.


The milk cooling tanks work in the direct expansion of cooling system as follows the milk is cooled directly by walls of evaporator that is placed on the bottom of the tank.



The milk cooling tank in version 2 milking- is destinated to precool of milk in two portion it means every day. Used refrigerating units can make possible precool of ½ of capacity tank during max. 3 hours with temperature 35 °C to 4 °C ( effective time of pre-cool of first portion of milk is shorter then 2,5h)





The milk cooling tank in version 4 milking- is destinated to pre-cool of milk in four portion it means every second day. Used refrigerating units can make possible pre-cool of 1/4 of capacity tank during max. 3 hours with temperature 35 °C to 4 °C ( effective time of pre-cool of first portion of milk is shorter then 2,5h).




In milk cooling tanks, there is the refrigerant tank in the cooling system and the thermostatic expansion valve that allows precise dose refrigerant to evaporator according to requirements. This has a direct impact on reducing operating costs and extends the life of the refrigerating unit.



High efficency of refrigerating system.

Special construction of evaporator (honeycomb) made with laser welding process, that increases the fatigue strength of evaporator and influence longer life of evaporator, high quality of refrigerating unit and cooling automatics,

The condenser fan speed control

Shape of blades and rotation of agitator.

Very low energy consumption.

The energy consumption does not exceed 0,015-0,017 kW/l for cooling 1 liter of milk at the ambient temperature 32°C.

Reliability useing

The maintenace of milk cooling tanks – simply steps:

- connecting of hose's end into miliing installation

- setting switch off on the control board

- open and close the drain valve

Ecological refrigerant.

Very good thermal insulation.

The temperature rise of stored milk when the refrigerating unit is switched off , the temperature does not exceed 0,5oC during 4 hours,

Ecological thermal insulation.

The insulation is made with polyurethane foam process without freon.

Modern electronic controlling enables:

- Automatic control and monitoring of the process of milk cooling and storage
- Automatic programmed control of the full cleaning process:
* pre-rinse
* Fundamental clean with detergents
* Final rinse
- The ability to create your own cleanning program
- Indication of status and fault conditions
- Periodic mixing of the cooled milk during storage ( when the refrigerating unit doesn't work)time of mixer working 4 minutes , time of break 40 minutes

The whole tank with its equipment is made of stainless steel ( excepting frame and refrigerating unit)

Using of stainless, acid-proof steel enables User to keep easily a good hygiene conditions of milk cooling tanks.


Milk cooling tanks are prepared to work with the recuperator ( the device to heat recovery condensing)
The recuperator allows using condensing heat of refrigerant to heat the water. At the user's request, manufacturer can supply and include recuperator the capacity of the water tank 200 to 1000 liters (depending on the size of the cooler)



As option – possibility using of own heating system of water – heater

 The heater is mounted in the cleaning system of milk cooling tank .
The system is started at the appropriate phase of the cleaning and allows the heating water circulating in the claening system by the temperature of 50 - 60 degrees, depending on the setting of thermostat. The factory setting is 55 degrees.
Heating of the cleaning solution is important to ensure high quality care cleaning.
Due to the fact that the temperature of the hot water is intaken in the proper cleaning cycle and after sprinkled on it by washing heads on the wall of the tank, the temperature is lowered by about 20 degrees, heating the cleaning solution to a temperature of 55 degrees, which greatly increases the effectiveness of the tank cleaning .

As option – possibility using electronic milk quantity measuring in milk cooling tanks