Offered milk collecting systems are installed in tank trucks and stationary intakes into dairies. Using systems can make possible loading and unloading of milk quickly and sterilely. The system is prepared to cleaning in CIP installation that can be fixed in some places on the piping.




Systems are equipped with control-measurment device that can make the measurment of collected milk quantity and temperature.As an option, the system can be offered with samples taking, printing of data storage into the control unit, data transmission to the computer of dairy by GSM or by the cable.

WSK offers stationary intake with capacity 12000l-75000 l named PROVAC that sucks the milk into the separator through the vacuum generated by special ejectors or the vacuum pump. These systems are dedicated for installations requiring the high performance when milk is collected and unload.

Stationary intakes meets with international Standards and the approval of Main Measures Office.


Technical Data

Stationary milk intakes are mounted with followed elements:


Hydraulic pump with impeller , capacity 30 000 l/h. It’s possible install PROVAC vacuum-pressure system of high capacity to 77 000 l/h

Air Separator

The modern separator of 70 l capacity ,the number 1 in Europe, that ensures precise measurement, the separator is fitted with cleaning valve, air elimination valve and air elimination duct, its construction design ensures reliability in all working conditions and ease of cleaning of its individual elements and maintain high hygiene of separator.

Inductive- magnetic flowmeter PD340 C51

Mechanical filter

Non return valve

Valves set – central drain collector

Desk- control panel

Computer - control unit KRO-5 from WSK Krosno, PD4000,PD210 and ACRAM AMU

Temperature sensor

Liquid detector

Thermal printer


Milk collection

Milk quantity measurement

Data display on the electronic display unit

Temperature measurement

Automatically stop of pump when the established parameters are exceed

Switch on and off milk pump by the remote control

Storing data in the memory of control unit

Data printing - reports and statement printing for suppliers and printout summary report

Maintenance-free, automatic milk samples taker with automatic exchange of bottles

The sampling system is installed in the stainless steel, insulated, chamber is cooled by a refrigerating unit.

Cooling of collected samples by a refrigerating unit

Automatic representative tank sample taking

Data transmission from tank truck to dairy computer by the memory module (pendrive USB, memory card) WIFI, by the cable